Our school in Bangladesh - The Gotlands school for 140 children within the Panchagarh district

Dear Gotlands patrons,

We are delighted to present you with an abstract of our social commitment. You may be wondering what made us create this type of school project in Bangladesh.
I love Asia. During my university time in the 90's I had many opportunities to travel South and Southeast Asia. Of course at first I saw everything through the eyes of a tourist.
By my study stay in Bangladesh during the summer of 1998 I left the beaten paths of tourists of Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. Even here in this third world country greatly marked by Moslem the mentality of the people cast a spell on me. New, however, was the extreme poverty one was met with in so many places. Back then a territory the size of Bavaria had a population of approx. 80 million (today the number is 140 million).
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4.6 million children

In Bangladesh 4.6 million children between the ages of 6 and 10 years don't attend school. For the most part it's children from the poorest families. 88% of them live in rural areas. Less than 50% of children in school graduate from elementary school.

Nevertheless, daily life was not only marked by despair and hardship, but also kindness and curiosity along with hospitality and honest openness. During a trip to Shylet in Northern Bangladesh I counted more than 140 children following me as I was walking. They followed me on the narrow paths between rice fields. That did it for me. I fell for the idea to do something myself.

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The school system

The school system in rural South Asia has unmanageable deficits. The quality of instruction is very poor. In times of crisis poor families must cut all expenses not absolutely necessary to survive. Education, however, is the key to escaping the spiral of poverty.

Eleven years later the time came. All the hurdles and bureaucracy had been conquered and financing was secured. With the construction of the Nuruldin Anandolok School in the Malchandi village, Panchagarh district, I wanted to do my part to support a fraction of this vast population. Without education these children are faced with an uncertain future. Life on the fields of the great land owners for a mere hand full of rice per day is the fortune of so many. Since the spring of 2009 about 140 children have been attending our new school building. About as many as had followed me on the fields back then, on my way to Shylet.

But ultimately it's you who allows us to be charitable, through the purchase of our products. And we thank you from the bottom of our heart.
With kind regards, Nico Seifert
With kind regards, Nico Seifert

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With the construction of a school for about 140 children Gotlands is supporting the population's ability to help itself, focusing on the poorest among the poor. The school was opened on 2/12/2009. The construction is entirely financed by the company Gotlands. The project also includes financing tuition and teacher salaries for four years. This also ensures sustainability, as the school becomes a government project after this period.

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